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3 ways to build your content calendar

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On social media, you should never feel you’re winging it — even in moments of rapid response. Think through the different strands of content and plan themes, formats and language in advance.

We’ve put together a how-to on ensuring that your content is filled with fresh, engaging content that brings your audience in—and keeps them there. Let’s get into it. 

We like to think about content in 3 buckets: awareness, engagement, and mobilization. Some examples of that content could look like…

Now that you know what your content looks like, here are a few tips and tricks of the trade:

  • Don’t be scared of difficult topics. In moments of crisis or flux, it’s important not to remain silent: this will only allow others to project their views onto you. This is a critical opportunity to cement awareness of your organizational values. Plan your cross-platform commentary in advance, then plan prompts, actions, and other content that tie in. 
  • Don’t post identically worded/phrased content on every platform. Ensure that you’re speaking on the wavelength of that platform’s audience (e.g. more conversational for Instagram). 
  • Stay Flexible. There may be occasions when you need to prioritize one bucket more than others (during a legislative drive or important transition): Plan ahead and ensure you restore the balance in the following weeks.

And lastly… Remember your ratios! A solid content calendar is comprised of 50%: Community Engagement, 20-30%: Awareness, and 20-30%: Mobilization.

We hope this answers your questions. If you’d like to download our how-to guide, click here

Happy calendaring!

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