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5 campaigns that inspired us in 2021

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For many, 2021 unfolded in unexpected ways. The year started with an insurrection on our nation’s capital and is ending with a resurgence of COVID-19. But during that time a record-breaking number of women were sworn in Congress, over 8 billion COVID-19 vaccines were administered, and Donald Trump got banned from Twitter (again).  Even in these unprecedented times, our partners and clients have continued to fight for powerful and lasting change. Here are a few highlights.

Confirming the first-ever Indigenous Secretary of the Interior

Our collaboration with Advance Native Political Leadership, the first Native American-led organization working to break down the barriers holding back Indigenous peoples in U.S. politics, helped achieve the confirmation of Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) as our country’s first-ever Indigenous Secretary of the Interior. As Sec. Haaland said, “If an Indigenous woman from humble beginnings can be confirmed as secretary of the Interior, our country holds promise for everyone.” We’re proud to have played a part in this historic victory. 

Exonerating the innocent 

In 2021, the Innocence Project helped exonerate six innocent people, who together lost 138 years of their lives to wrongful incarceration. They also worked hard to pass 20 laws across the country that advanced police transparency and accountability, established or improved compensation for exonerated people, and fought for prosecutorial accountability. We are so proud to have helped them build and grow their email program over the last several years, and get their message out to a larger audience.  

Electing the second Black mayor of NYC

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In late 2020, when Eric Adams announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City—a dream Adams had held for 24 years—he and his campaign staff knew that they would need to quickly establish Adams as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in an already crowded race. DBT partnered with the campaign to craft a strategy that put Adams’s name, image, platform and record in front of millions of New Yorkers across dozens of digital channels, and more than a half-dozen local digital media outlets. This “surround sound” approach was critical in establishing Adams as the frontrunner and securing the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York City. 

On November 2, 2021, we at DBT felt proud to have played a part in helping Adams win the general election and be elected the 110th mayor of New York City.

250,000+  vaccinated against COVID 19 

Earlier this year, SEIU Local 2015—California’s largest labor union representing more than 400,000 nursing home and home care workers—needed to fight disinformation by providing its members with education about the COVID-19 vaccine. In partnership with SEIU 2015, DBT created the “We Can Do It” campaign, developing a social media strategy, original illustrations, and compelling messaging that captured the attention and provided vital information to SEIU 2015’s membership, primarily women of color and immigrants. The campaign helped SEIU 2015 vaccinate over 250,000 Californians in communities of color and garnered national news coverage.

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Protect Afghan Women 

This summer, we saw a swift takeover of the government in Afghanistan by the Taliban. Afghan women are now being targeted and have had their lives restricted and threatened by the Taliban. In August, we partnered with the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security (GIWPS) to build a site quickly that provides resources on how to help Afghan women in need. We’re proud to have partnered alongside Bully Pulpit Interactive and New/Mode to launch and make this project a reality.

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These are just a few examples of how our partners continue to propel change-we are honored and privileged to work alongside those who have a passion to make the world a better place. We can’t wait to see what 2022 holds and what we can accomplish together. Interested in making an impact? Get in touch with us

Wishing you and your loved ones safe, healthy, and restful holidays. 

P.S.—We’re looking to grow our team! If you or someone you know is ready to work for a mission-driven company that focuses on progress, innovation, and lasting change, check out our open positions here.

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