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5 Ways Your Campaign Can Use Video to Win

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Is your campaign using video to its full advantage? Video can scare a lot of candidates…but it doesn’t have to. I spoke with our Senior Advisor, Dean Levitan, on 5 ways video can help you and your campaign close in on victory this election cycle. 

1. Build your content bank 

You don’t have to wait until you have a staged set up or even a studio to take video. Start building a bank with video clips from the entire campaign trail—on the bus to canvass, by the doors you’re knocking, in the campaign office! 

2. Build an infrastructure that allows for easy content capture 

Campaigns move fast, especially during on-the-ground events. Creating an infrastructure that allows for easy content capture and organization is vital to building a vast content bank—the less you have to deal with while recording the video, the more you’ll get recorded (and less for your staffers to organize later). 

3. Identify who is sharing what content 

Ensure that your entire team—your staff, your consultants, even your family, know who is posting what content where to avoid any stepping on each other and your campaign’s message. 

4. Always take platforms into account 

Different content works best on different platforms, and different platforms have different rules. Avoid any complications and increase your engagement by capturing platform-specific content. For example, make sure that your Twitter videos are short and snappy, and under 140 seconds!

5. Verticals aren’t just an exercise 

If you want your content to perform, even the angle of your camera matters.  With platforms like Meta changing their policies to compete with TikTok, the algorithm is going to be pushing vertically filmed videos to the top of feeds—don’t let you content get hidden!

Learn more about how we’re ensuring that campaigns are using video to amplify their campaign in our latest episode of Do Big Talks below!

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