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AI and Digital Fundraising: Three Toplines

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Everyone’s talking about AI: what it means for copyright, for media literacy and accuracy in reporting, for jobs. But what does it mean for one of the biggest day-to-day priorities for progressive organizations — fundraising? 

Here at DBT, we’ve been thinking about three ways to utilize AI for fundraising: 

  • Generative AI for content: There’s a time where a human touch is the most needed. But let’s face it, a lot of fundraising involves reiterating a message at high volume (how many more times can you write “chip in”?) AI can help bridge the gap between the volume you need while freeing up the bandwidth you need to customize premade messages for your audiences. 
  • Classifier AI for smarter segmentation: We all know how to subdivide lists by donor status, actives status, geography, and other time-tested criteria. But what if you could segment by how long they spent reading an email, or their likelihood of clicking a certain link? What if you could target a supporter based on the time of day they’re most likely to open an email, or the device they’re most likely to use? AI opens up possibilities for targeting far more sophisticated than we’ve seen in the past. 
  • Automation: Building off the above point, once you’ve decided the new ways in which you want to target supporters, AI can do some of the heavy lifting for you. Want to trigger a certain series after someone’s made three donations, or automate a house party hosting invitation once you see that five or more people in the same zip code support you? AI can help. 

Interested in talking to us more about AI, technology, and ways your organization can make a difference on the internet? We’d love to partner. Reach out to us, and let’s collaborate.

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