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AI and Digital Organizing: Netroots 2023

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It’s been a summer! Our team returned from Netroots Nation 2023 fresh off panels about Latino outreach, email fundraising plateaus, microstorytelling, and AI for Digital Organizing — a standing-room only panel led by yours truly in conjunction with Tim Lim of Lim Consulting and Alan Rosenblatt, Andrea Haverdink, and Craig Johnson of

AI is a lot — but we’re optimistic about the ways we can make it serve us for good. That starts with exploring from a place of curiosity, not fear. DBT is on the cutting edge of helping people in the progressive sector take advantage of technology but at Netroots 2023, the breadth and complexity of the challenges progressives are facing from AI took center stage.

Check out our commentary on why AI is more artificial than intelligent, the bias inherent in AI, and AI’s potential for increasing work output.  

If you’re looking for more ideas about working with AI, please check out my recent thoughts in Forbes on the importance of integrating AI into team workflows or this great blog post from our Managing Director Jennifer O’Reilly Mott on 5 Reasons to Take AI Seriously.

Interested in talking to us more about AI, technology, and ways your organization can make a difference on the internet? We’d love to partner. Reach out to us and let’s collaborate.

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