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Are you prepared for fall fundraising?

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Over the past 15 months, we’ve seen fundraising for non-profits seriously impacted by the pandemic and social justice movements. Many non-profit organizations saw an increase in fundraising, capitalizing on massive social movements around the country to increase their numbers. 

With fundraising season soon upon us, we want to ensure that you’re prepared by taking a look back at what worked in the past 15 months and what did not. Whether it’s focusing on your one-time givers early, optimizing your outreach for your big donors, or simply navigating the best way to go back to offline events – we’ve got you covered. 

Our newest episode of Do Big Talks features Melissa Wyers, EveryAction’s Executive Director and one of the top practitioners of digital fundraising in the nonprofit world. We talk about how organizations have fine-tuned their strategies to be more friendly in a digital world, how we can use those strategies in tandem with offline fundraising, and what’s next in the wild world of fundraising.

Watch the full video below.

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