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2019 Trends for Diverse + Contemporary Movement Builders

by Cheryl Contee • Conferences & Events •

In 2019, what are some key trends political candidates and nonprofit leaders should learn about in order to gain strength more quickly? From webinars to conferences around the country, we have key takeaways.

Design Thinking: 3 Takeaways

by Reed Dudley • Thought Leadership •

Earlier this year, I attended an all-day workshop hosted by AIGA Chicago about how to leverage design thinking in the social impact space.

As a designer for Do Big Things, I'm always searching for new and creative ways to tackle the problems and challenges that our clients present us with. Sometimes, it isn’t enough to fire up Photoshop, because design’s reach isn’t solely limited to Adobe Creative Cloud or a sketchbook. It affects everything around us, even down to the way we navigate things like airports or the check-out line at a grocery store (wayfinding). So, what do you do when you need to solve a complex problem without sacrificing creativity or the human touch? This is where design thinking comes in. Design thinking is the radical idea that we should put humans and empathy at the center of problem-solving, and I knew this workshop would be the…

Five Things – Observations from the Lesbians Who Tech Summit

by Cassie Tangney • Conferences & Events •

As the VP of Design here at Do Big Things, which is a diverse, majority woman-owned company, I’m actively interested in changing what the face of the world looks like—including, of course, the mostly straight, white, cis male-dominated tech world. With that goal in mind, I recently signed up to attend the 2019 Lesbians Who Tech Summit in San Francisco's historic Castro District.

This isn’t just your average technology summit—it’s the largest LGBTQ technology community in the world, made up of over 50,000 LGBTQ women, non-binary and trans individuals, people of color, and allies. And you can bet the conversation was flowing all weekend. My experience at #lwtsummit reminded me that building relationships and alliances with other underrepresented folks who are also working toward something bigger than yourself will get you closer to that goal of changing the face of the (tech) world.

Here are five of…

How The Savviest Nonprofits Increase Facebook Reach

by Abigail Ahoude • Social Media Strategy •

Five effective tactics that some of the most successful nonprofits and foundations are using on Facebook and across other social channels alike to keep audiences engaged.

Learn How to Use Blockchain Technology for Good

by Do Big Things • Nonprofit Tech •

Tech leaders share the latest on blockchain's distributed power to help organizations & individuals create more social good through causes. We’ll start high-level with what blockchain is and then dig into some real-world use cases for causes & campaigns.