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Amy McGrath just shattered all the fundraising records

by Do Big Things • Election •

By Toby Fallsgraff and Ryanne Brown

Here’s why it’s about a lot more than how much she raised

If you didn’t already think retired Lt. Col. Amy McGrath would give Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the fight of his political life in Kentucky, her first FEC filing should get your attention.

In under three months, McGrath raised over $10.7 million from nearly 300,000 donations—an average gift of $36. A whopping 98 percent of contributions were $200 or less.

That doesn’t just set a resounding new record for a Senate quarterly haul—pulling in nearly double the previous top fundraising quarter for a Senate campaign this year. It evens out Mitch McConnell’s huge financial head start, and, more importantly, it gives McGrath a vast grassroots donor base (including donors in each of Kentucky’s 120 counties!) that will have her back over the next 13 months, no matter what Team Mitch…

New Voices in Politics = New Priorities

by Janani Sreenivasan • Policy & Politics •

For too long, too many points of view have been excluded from the table, and every one does need to be heard and considered for this democracy to work. When more perspectives and voices are present at the table, you get better outcomes.

Higher Ground Labs Spotlight on Cheryl Contee

by Do Big Things • Leadership •

Higher Ground Labs is an accelerator for progressive political technology. They equip progressive campaigns, causes, and organizations with cutting edge technology to win 2020 and beyond. Over the past 3 years, portfolio companies have played a critical role in optimizing traditional campaign activities, such as organizing, fundraising, digital content creation, budgeting, and polling. We're thrilled that HGL Co-Founder Betsy Hoover is a member of the DBT Board of Directors. This week, HGL published a story on our CEO, Cheryl, and her book on achieving startup success.


HGL Advisory Board Member Cheryl Contee has built her career around politics and technology. She has started and sold multiple companies in the political space and now coaches entrepreneurs in the HGL network and beyond. She just published an Amazon bestselling book entitled Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Start Up Success, based on her own…

2019 Trends for Diverse + Contemporary Movement Builders

by Cheryl Contee • Conferences & Events •

In 2019, what are some key trends political candidates and nonprofit leaders should learn about in order to gain strength more quickly? From webinars to conferences around the country, we have key takeaways.