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Building trust through authenticity

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Connecting to your audience is a challenge that so many brands, campaigns, and organizations struggle with. As the digital world constantly evolves, we have to consider the best way to engage our audience. In the age of COVID, we’ve seen a big shift to authentic messaging—but is that the right move?

Kim Hohman, our VP of Digital Strategy, has had decades of experience in digital—specifically in engaging and retaining an audience. She’s an expert on how taking an empathetic approach sets up your campaign to be a part of the conversation. She joins us in our latest episode of Do Big Talks to speak to the authenticity of messaging and how it can help you seriously engage your audience. 

So, does being authentic make it easier to jump on a new platform? Does content always need to be professional and polished? How have influencers changed the way we connect to our audience? We answer all these questions and more.

Watch the full video below.

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