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DBT x Clean Mobility Collective

A global approach to organizational naming, visual branding, and website design allowed Clean Mobility Collective to launch its new campaign to partners and advocates across the world.

Fighting the devastating effects of climate change requires engaging advocates and partners from around the world, addressing a global crisis with a coordinated global effort.

Streets for People, a new campaign with a temporary name, was born from Urban Movement Innovation Fund’s conviction that transportation justice is racial justice—that we must equalize access to public transit, to safe, efficient vehicles, and to clean, pollution-free environments. To make this vision a reality around the world, they set out to choose a new name and create a brand compelling to partners and supporters worldwide.

Cognizant that the this is a global movement, we approached design with the goal of making it digestible and translatable across borders, languages, and cultures. Throughout the process, we focused on creating visuals that were accessible, optimistic, innovative, and uniting for diverse audiences around the globe.

From our partnership, the Clean Mobility Collective was born—a new brand identity clearly capturing their goal of charting a path toward clean transportation solutions for all.

In addition to the new name and visual branding, DBT also partnered with Clean Mobility Collective to create its first website, utilizing the new branding, multiple languages, and an intuitive UX that allows visitors to quickly get connected to the campaign and with each other to take action.

CMC website viewed on iPhones
CMC logo on a card

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