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DBT x Code for America

Innovative digital strategies and tools across the entire attendee journey drove online awareness and registrations for Code for America’s 2022 Annual Summit.

During the pandemic, millions of Americans went online to apply for unemployment, child tax credits, rent relief, PPP loans, and other critical assistance — highlighting how the right technology and digital tools, policies, and programs can support our government in supporting all of us.

Code for America has understood this critical relationship for a long time, hence its mission of mobilizing folks who believe government can work “for the people, by the people, in the digital age.”

The pandemic challenged Code for America itself as they sought to reconvene and market their annual Summit, which had been canceled in 2020 and held virtually in 2021; the 2022 conference would be the first to take place as a hybrid event. In early 2022, as the world at large navigated “returns” — to school, to the office, and other environments — Code for America sought to reconvene and market their annual Summit. They faced the challenge of raising digital awareness and confidence for the return of in-person attendance, as well as identifying new post-pandemic spaces where potential attendees might be congregating online.

Enter DBT, with our experience turning out voters of all backgrounds during the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic election of 2020 with clients like Supermajority and Advance Native Political Leadership, as well as our disciplined and integrated approach to serving consistent messaging across ads, email, and organic social.

Code for America Summit ad on a phone

The partnership between Code for America and DBT ended up being a true microcosm of the digital competencies we are hoping to build across government at all levels. In addition to working together across all stages of the attendee journey to compel action — exceeding industry averages for retargeting late registrants — Code for America showed great openness to testing and innovation in campaign tactics, allowing DBT full back-end visibility so we could optimize every part of the campaign. Both teams worked together nimbly to identify what was working and scale it while continuously adapting to new conference developments, including those centered around capacity restrictions.

Ultimately, Code for America exceeded its goal for in-person registrations, achieving a record percentage of tickets sold vs. new, restricted venue capacity. By all reports, the event was extremely successful, with attendees excited about coming back together in person for the first time in several years.

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