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DBT x Congressman Vela

An integrated approach to content development and design produced a 16-page mailer that helped thousands of residents mark the progress of Texans within the Congressman’s ten years of service.

After representing Texas’ 34th District from 2013–2022, Congressman Filemon Vela and his team wanted to create a multi-page report that not only celebrated the Congressman’s achievements during his time in Congress but also marked the progress and advancement of Texans within his district over the previous ten years.

But to create a report which would be a source of pride for every resident of the 34th district, Congressman Vela’s team would need to organize and design the report in a way that resonated with all of the 34th District’s residents and communities, not just those who had voted for and supported the Congressman.

DBT came alongside Congressman Vela’s team at the end of 2021 to develop a content structure and visual approach that would tell a cohesive story of the 34th district’s progress, drawing upon imagery in which residents could see themselves reflected, and utilizing a visual look rooted in Congressman Vela’s existing branding, as well as colors and images his constituents knew well.

Congressman Vela book

DBT’s team of content developers and designers crafted a 16-page mailer and helped manage the printing, mailing and delivery of the mailers to tens of thousands of 34th District residents—as well as a digital version of the report distributed online—helping the Congressman and his team end their time in Congress with gratitude for all that had been done, and excitement for Texans in the years ahead.

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