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Energy Foundation

Tools, Access, Growth

DBT worked with the Energy Foundation (EF) to address the gap in grantees’ access to cutting-edge software and platforms by procuring access to a suite of tools at a volume discount. These digital tools were provided at no cost to grantees and made easily accessible through an online portal developed by DBT.

To determine the right suite of tools for the EF advocates, DBT first conducted interviews and surveys of grantees to determine which digital tools were most urgent to help grantees accomplish their work. With that data, DBT conducted an analysis of current tools that would best fit within the grantees’ workflow and then went about managing the contracting of tools for the project. 

Once the tools were secured, DBT conducted multiple training sessions for each tool and held office hours to ensure the tool adoption rate was seamless for the participating organizations. 

These tools have helped 80 organizations push their work forward by improving everything from tracking legislation to managing collaborative projects online.

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