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Eric Adams for Mayor of NYC

Eric Adams for Mayor ad

When Eric Adams announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City in late 2020, he and his campaign staff knew that Adams would need to quickly establish himself as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. If Adams’s campaign was to be a success, he’d need to introduce himself to a sizable chunk of the 8.4 million residents of NYC who didn’t yet know who he was.

Partnering with the campaign, DBT crafted a strategy that put Adams’s name, image, platform and record in front of millions of New Yorkers across dozens of digital channels and more than a half-dozen local digital media outlets. This “surround sound” approach ensured that if a voter lived in NYC and was online, they knew who Adams was.

The campaign received 27M impressions across all awareness platforms and played a critical role in helping Adams secure the Democratic nomination for mayor, as well as setting a strong digital foundation for the general election, which Adams eventually won, becoming NYC’s second Black mayor.

Eric Adams for Mayor ad
Eric Adams for Mayor ad (boxing)
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