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DBT x Everytown for Gun Safety

Resonant messaging, custom social sharing tools, and new user flows for their website fueled Everytown’s increase in both advocacy in recurring donations.

Everytown for Gun Safety—the largest gun safety advocacy group in the country—believes in staying at the frontier of digital advocacy.

DBT’s team provides ongoing design and technical support for the Everytown for Gun Safety team, designing and building websites such as,, and, building out CRM capabilities, and implementing analytics solutions. 

DBT has worked with Everytown as a behind-the-scenes partner to develop custom social sharing tools, to change donation user flows to boost recurring donations—and everything in between.

Everytown’s #MomentsThatSurvive campaign leverages the authentic and raw stories of gun violence survivors to help broaden and change the narrative on gun violence in America. By showcasing a diverse range of survivor stories, the campaign shows that there isn’t a single definition of a gun violence survivor and that all voices are welcome. 

This inclusivity has led to thousands of users telling their stories and joining an active and growing Survivor Network. DBT worked with Everytown to advise on the messaging of the campaign, and then design and develop the Moments that Survive microsite. 

Our strategy was to make the stories engaging via a mobile-optimized interface that is organized, user-friendly, searchable, and optimized for social sharing. We also overhauled the story submission process to make it even easier for supporters to add their voice. 

By listening to the needs of the community, the site strengthens the connection between survivors and connects them to resources while providing an opportunity for them to get more involved and change the conversation around gun violence in America.

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