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A user-focused approach to web design and development led to a website that made it easy for audience to find the content they needed, and clearly communicated the vital role INN plays in supporting nonprofit news organizations across the country

Nonprofit news organizations are more than just a source for breaking stories. They’re an essential part of democracy, creating stronger communities by empowering people with information about what’s happening around them at the local and global level.

The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) strengthens and supports more than 360 of these independent voices, ensuring that they not only survive, but thrive into the future.

However, INN realized that its existing website left site visitors confused about what INN did and its role in helping nonprofit news organizations. The website wasn’t user-friendly and made it difficult for member news organizations to access key INN programs and services. The site also wasn’t providing a clear pathway for new members to join.

With our extensive experience working with organizations to redesign their website to more fully achieve their vision, we knew DBT could truly partner with INN, guiding them as they worked through content challenges, balancing the needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

We partnered with INN to simplify their information architecture, and the paths users took to get to the information they most needed. We also developed searchable, easy-to-use website tools and resources so that members and non-members could access key materials quickly and easily.

INN website on a laptop

Building their new website on WordPress, we built a flexible block system that empowered the INN team to create content accessible to members and non-members with only a few clicks. We also integrated their CRM, Neon, and created a database of record for membership to make it easier for the INN team to manage members, greatly reducing their time spent.

INN now has a website that showcases who they are and how they play a vital role in supporting nonprofit news organizations across the country. With a sleek design, flexible and intuitive content management system (CMS ), and an integrated CRM, INN will be able to continue driving its tremendous year-over-year membership growth rate well into the future.

Our partnership with INN didn’t end following the launch of the website. We built on our collaboration, adding features on the website including their 2022 Index Report.

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