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Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)

The 2022 GOP candidate for PA governor, Doug Mastriano aimed to cut the state’s education budget in half. PSEA — a member org of 100K+ PA education professionals — set out to spread the word about the proposed cuts on a short timeline, under the legal constraints of c3 member messaging.

PSEA faced the challenge of communicating the magnitude and severity of Mastriano’s proposed cuts on a short timeline, under the legal constraints of member messaging (no partisan message could go to non-PSEA members) and in the midst of a highly competitive midterm election where resources and attention ran scarce across the board.

DBT helped creatively humanize the statistics, from potential staff cuts to student-to-teacher ratio hikes.

Building off the reality that nano-influencers have high trust & strong engagement, DBT emphasized local messengers and produced:

  • 3 ad spots featuring K-12 teachers
  • 72 digital ad variants with county-level stats
  • Content and ads from 15 local influencers
  • 98.4% video completion rates

The result? More than 13 million impressions served across video, display, and audio on social media, podcast, and programmatic advertising – and a PSEA-approved governor!

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