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DBT x The Hive Fund

A strong organizational name and branding gave newly formed Hive Fund the tools to build awareness about the intersection between gender and climate justice.

Battling climate and gender injustice through organized funding and support.

The fight for climate and gender justice is one that many communities have been battling non-stop over the years, but work led by women and people of color has gone largely unrecognized. The Hive Fund came to us in need of a name that encompassed their goal to support, fund and empower these grassroots organizations and bring their fight to the forefront. 

The fund needed a name that focused on their mission and the work of groups they fund while highlighting their unique intersection between gender and climate justice. Working with the organization’s leadership and their naming committee, Do Big Things helped them strategically choose a name, the first step of their branding process.

Hive brand guide

Our team then worked with The Hive co-directors to fashion their brand language, giving the fledgling organization a strong and flexible brand foundation from which to expand. Not only did we focus on strong color choices and clean font families, but we strove to highlight how all these important parts come together to form the hive not only figuratively but literally in the icon.

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