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Check Out Cheryl Contee’s Latest Article in Fast Company on Creating Greater Equity in the American Economy

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At a time when the racial wealth gap continues to widen, our Founder, Cheryl Contee, continues her advocacy for equity in the American economy. Read her latest piece in Fast Company about the alternate paths available to marginalized entrepreneurs who may not benefit from the springboards of generational wealth. 

As a Black woman in Silicon Valley, Cheryl has shepherded multiple impact-focused startup businesses through fundraising and launch, overcoming skepticism and closed doors every step of the way.

“Change is needed, and needed soon. We’re missing out on the opportunity to cultivate an equitable economy for future generations, representative of all ideas and the diversity within them. High-level change is needed to combat bias in the system.”

Black women (nearly 20% of them) are starting new businesses at the highest rate of any demographic in the U.S., including white men. Yet, Black founders receive just over 1% of ALL venture capital funding. It’s infuriating and absurd, and Cheryl knows it firsthand. 

Cheryl is leading on other social innovations impacting the future of the American economy, including AI. Please check out her recent thoughts in Forbes on the importance of integrating AI into team workflows, or watch the standing-room-only panel on how AI will change digital organizing as we know it that she moderated at Netroots 2023. 
Interested in partnering with us to help increase equitable outcomes in this country? We’d love to team up. Reach out to us, and let’s collaborate.

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