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Cheryl Contee Named 2020 World Changing Woman by kate spade NY and Conscious Company Mag!

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I’m so honored to share that I’ve been recognized as a 2020 World Changing Woman by Conscious Company Magazine and kate spade NY along with other female leaders in social entrepreneurship. I hold both of these organizations in high regard, and to receive this award from them means a lot to me on both a personal and professional level. 

It’s rare to find an organization as committed to uplifting women around the world as Conscious Company is. Their mission to build an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually meaningful community is nothing short of inspiring. I’m humbled to be part of a class of 42 amazingly talented and successful female entrepreneurs and CEOs. You can view the full list here. 

Conscious Company shares many of the values that I do as CEO of Do Big Things. One prime example is the championing of women in the workplace: Do Big Things is a company that boasts 70% women, and as a result I am surrounded by powerful and intelligent women every day. I’m so grateful that I get to lead such a progressive organization that continues to invest in its female employees.

What makes a good leader?

Conscious Company asked me as part of the experience: “What makes a good leader?”

My response:

“You can’t be a leader unless someone is willing to follow. These days, anyone can lead — leadership is dynamic and fluid — so any true leader must see themselves as a leader of leaders. How are you inspiring and encouraging leadership on pieces of a project or venture such that others trust you to lead on the whole? Are you someone others can admire and model their own conduct upon? That is the demand now of leaders in the 21st century.”

2020 World Changing Women’s Summit

In addition to winning this award, I have the honor of speaking at the Conscious Company’s 2020 World Changing Women’s Summit in Sonoma this January from the 29th-31st. I’ll be joining hundreds of female CEOs, founders, and business owners to share wisdom, find inspiration, and connect around best practices for leading and thriving in the business world. If you’re looking to attend the Conscious Company’s World-Changing Women’s Summit this year, here’s your chance! Use promo code NEW_YEAR for a discount on your 2020 ticket! Hope to see you there! 


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