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Collision From Home 2020: The Future of Digital Ads

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Authenticity is critical to navigating the future digital landscape. Thus, it is imperative that we as advertisers take another look at their choice of advertising platforms that are less committed to others around fact-checking and hate-speech policies. Specifically, as social media platforms face increased scrutiny, it’s important to understand alternative emerging venues that can target consumers as effectively and authentically as possible.  

I recently had the opportunity to chat with two powerhouses in the digital ads landscape, Carolina Abenante (CEO, NYIAX) and Dave Pickles (CTO, The Trade Desk) at Collision’s virtual international tech conference, Collision From Home. During our chat we identified that the most anticipated trend to boot is the use of programmatic ads in Connected TV such as Hulu, Tubi, Sling TV and more.

“You can’t pretend Connected Television doesn’t exist. There is a big block of consumers you can only reach through Connected TV,” says Pickles, whose company has nearly three quarters of its client base currently running Connected TV ads. Connected TV and streaming entertainment has become a critical avenue for getting your message in front of younger, more diverse audiences. 

Here at DBT, we’ve experienced the power of using programmatic ads in Connected and Streaming TV to amplify causes and campaigns. Most recently, we worked through The Trade Desk to push digital ads for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day to reach younger people and those in the Midwest and South successfully on platforms like Twitch, Hulu, A&E, ABC, Animal Planet, CBS News, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, Food Network, HGTV, NBC News, TLC, Univision, Vevo where climate messaging has been infrequent at best. By using authentic, mission based content paired with the power of Connected TV, we were able to market an effective, action-driven ad campaign to key target audiences who may not have engaged otherwise. Cheryl also speaks during her Collision virtual appearance in front of over 2500 people worldwide about DBT’s work with PL+US to help target Tyson Foods employees using digital ads around the need for paid leave in the pandemic, with the result of a change in Tyson policies. 

As we approach 2021, the question we must continually ask ourselves is:

“How much does accountability and authenticity matter in these times, whether its in our digital ad content, how we target or which platform we use to lift our messaging and reach the right people?”

At DBT, we believe that accountability, transparency and authenticity are imperative to create movements that make a difference. Talk to us about how we can help you better use alternative and emerging platforms to build your base!

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