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Content Testing  and the Science of Persuasion

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Whether you’re running an advocacy campaign or a Senate race, a great persuasion campaign is just as much about the science as it is about the content. 

Do Big Things CEO Henri Makembe sat down with James Slezak, the CEO of Swayable,  to talk about that science and break down how controlled randomized testing (CRT) allows organizations, campaigns, and non-profits to spend their persuasion dollars wisely. 

In this talk, we explore:

  • How persuasion campaigns can adapt in real-time
  • How our tests with Swayable changed the way we ran ads on police reform
  • How candidates have used RCT to find middle ground with constituents

Before using Swayable’s cloud, many organizations relied solely on polls to measure messaging in the public. This approach is helpful but costly and hard to adjust in real-time. 

Giving a clear message about the goal of a campaign and how specific audiences hear your message can help you to know what they are thinking, feeling, viewing, and taking in while the campaign is running. 

P.S. Only have a couple of minutes? Be sure to check out the 10:45 mark, where we share our joint findings on how to talk about police reform. 

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