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2022 Election-Related Content We Enjoyed

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The 2022 election cycle was noisy, to say the least. Candidates and campaigns across the country tried to break through the crowded space. Some of them succeeded, making memorable pieces of content that people are still talking about. Here are some of the DBT teams’ favorite pieces of content – both that we created and what other campaigns created.

MD Dems – Johnson and Johnson: Crime Busters
Two Maryland state representatives share the same last name and they decided to embrace it while talking about their policies.

Higher Heights – Black Women Vote
A beautiful video that encourages Black women across the country to vote with a short and sweet message.

Luke Warford for Texas Railroad Commission – Turn the lights on
Railroad commission isn’t the most well-known race on the ballot, but Luke Warford took a creative track to get more folks to learn more about the importance of this position.

Tarik Khan – Khaaannnnnn
A funny video that doesn’t take itself – or the candidate – too seriously. In a time of seriousness, it’s always great to see a candidate have a bit of fun.

John Fetterman – Snooki
Who else could have Snooki, the breakout star from Jersey Shore in a campaign video?

The Democrats – Working with TikTok creators
Influencers aren’t just for products anymore. This is a way to reach folks across all backgrounds.

Raphael Warnock – Return of the beagle
In 2020 and 2021, Alvin the beagle was a hit ad that didn’t take itself too seriously. And he made a reappearance for Sen. Warnock’s successful second campaign.

Pennsylvania State Education Association – Educator TikTok
Influencer marketing at its best: A natural conversation between the poster and the audience that feels real and not scripted.

AOC – Responding to Lauren Boebert
AOC was able to take down Rep. Boebert in just a few lines, highlighting why every vote counts.

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