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DBT Launches Exclusive Video Series, “Do Big Talks”

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I’m thrilled to announce the launch of “Do Big Talks”, DBT’s first ever video series! During our bite-sized fireside chats, our experts will provide you with the inside scoop on all things digital, discuss exclusive insights with industry leaders, and dive into top tools and techniques to make sure you win.

In our first episode, “Digital Ads and Mail-in Ballots: What You Should Know Now”, our Chief Strategy Officer, Toby Fallsgraff and our SVP Digital Ads Ryanne Brown discuss how the get-out-the-vote landscape is changing dramatically this year and how we’ve helped our clients keep their target voters informed, registered and ready to rock the vote in November. Check out Episode 1 below!

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay tuned for upcoming episodes on “Emerging Tech” and “How Foundations Can Support Grantees During COVID-19”. If you have any burning questions you’d like our experts to answer, or any topics you’d like us to cover for a “Do Big Talks” episode, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

We’ll see you on the internet! 

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