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Digital Ads in the Age of Accountability

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2020 has been the catalyst for a new era of accountability, transparency and authenticity. These three tenets have become the litmus test from which consumers decide whether or not to continue supporting certain brands, influencers and systems. This naturally extends to the world of digital advertising. 

In her most recent virtual speaking appearance with CampaignTech at Home, DBT’s SVP, Digital Ads, Ryanne Brown suggests that the method of paving over sub-par mission practices with platitudes is outdated, dangerous and easily detectable.

“I think more than ever, people’s B.S. meter is on high alert. So we’ve really been working with clients to have them take a step back and think about who they are, what their values are, and make sure they present that …

Ryanne Brown, SVP, Digital Ads
Ryanne Brown, Senior Vice President of Digital Advertising

The world of Digital Ads is experiencing a clear paradigm shift where brands need to focus on transitioning from “mission statement” to “mission practice”. We’re proud to say that here at DBT, “mission practice” is the core foundation of the work we do everyday.

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