Everytown Pushes More People to the Polls with Gun Sense Voter ‘Make a Plan’ Tool

Everytown Pushes More People to the Polls with Gun Sense Voter ‘Make a Plan’ Tool

by Allison Brantley • Nonprofit Tech •

Last year marked the highest midterm voter turnout since 1914 with 50.3% of the voting-eligible population turning out to vote. However, turnout in the U.S. is still among the worst compared to that of other developed nations.

To help boost voter turnout, Do Big Things partnered with Everytown for Gun Safety to encourage people to “make a plan” to vote with the help of a new digital tool.

How it Works

Voter records show that people who come up with a plan to vote are twice as likely to vote as those who simply state their intentions. To help make this process as easy as possible, DBT built a custom solution on Everytown’s Gun Sense Voter site that begins with having people enter standard contact information (first and last name and email) to allow them to state their intentions (or pledge) to vote.

From there, users have the option to create a tailored plan for the day, and to:

  • Use their address to search for and locate the candidates in their district who were awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction, as well as their nearest polling location
  • Enter their preferred information for when they intend to vote and how they will to get there/who will accompany them

Once confirmed, the plan is sent to the user’s email where they can add it to their calendar and/or print out for future reference.

The Results

In the two weeks since it had launched, more than 1,500 people had pledged to vote and nearly 8,000 had come up with a plan to vote via the Gun Sense Voter site.

1,574 pledged to vote; 7.845 made a plan to vote via the Gun Sense voter site.

Through this and many other efforts, Everytown and gun safety proponents across the country celebrated what was a clear win for the movement during last year’s midterm election.

Voters nationwide elected gun sense champions up and down the ballot. In races across the country, Americans turned out to support candidates who pledged to make gun safety a priority and rejected NRA-backed candidates. Of the 196 candidates that Everytown endorsed, nearly 77% won their races.

And … 2020 is coming! Do you want a Make A Plan tool for your organization’s audiences so that the important causes you work on get voted up? Give us a shout.

Allison Brantley is Director of Project Management at Do Big Things.