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Our work has been nominated for five GAIN Powerful Idea Awards in multiple categories. We couldn’t be more thrilled! You can help us win by voting for each nomination individually. 

Somos Votantes – “The Things They Treasure”

With our data-driven approach and creative campaigns, we also worked alongside Somos Votantes to mobilize Latino voters across the US. Our creative focused on uplifting hardworking Latinos as the backbone of our economy and made the case that we need leaders who will respect that fact and fight for our values — and how it all depended on Latinos showing up at the polls.

SEIU 2015 – “Put Care First”

We helped SEIU 2015 launch the “Put Care First” campaign to gain the attention of lawmakers and reduce turnover in the long-term care industry. We created a distribution plan across broadcast, CTV, radio, podcasts, and digital, earning over 3.4 million video views and 15.9 million total digital impressions in just two weeks.

Tarik Khan for PA – “Khaaannn”

We drove engagement for Tarik Khan’s primary election campaign in Pennsylvania, resulting in a 40-point swing in his win. Our video campaign was done in conjunction with a highly targeted voter registration drive we produced for the campaign. Tarik’s videos scored a 31.63% engagement rate and an additional 14% click-thru rate on Google.

Johnson and Johnson – “Crime Fighters”

We partnered with the Maryland House Democrats to help expand its majority. Our humorous videos helped deliver a veto-proof majority to the first Black governor in Maryland’s history. Among the candidates we worked with were Steve and Andre Johnson (no relation).

Bee Nguyen – Email Program

We collaborated with Bee Nguyen’s campaign for Georgia Secretary of State to develop an email fundraising program that raised nearly $300,000 and shared critical information about the state of the race, Georgia’s voting laws, and Bee’s own Vietnamese heritage.

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