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How 2020 changed the role of digital agencies

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Would you rather take a decade-long nap than think about 2020 ever again? We don’t blame you. It was a watershed year for American democracy. As digital campaigners, we confronted many competing needs and considerations. To come out stronger from 2020 (and prepared for 2022 and beyond) we must reflect on those challenges.

My colleague, Janani Sreenivasan, joined me on the latest episode of Do Big Talks to talk about how we navigated last year – from keeping clients on message in a pandemic, to helping campaigns narrate 2020’s trickiest moments (you may or may not hear the term “apocalypse whisperer.”) 

The takeaway: there’s no going back to business as usual. In an age of COVID, QAnon, and massively scaled voter suppression, campaigns of the future will require agility, experimentation, and narrative craft beyond anything we’ve been called on to try before. Let’s get ready.

Watch the full video below.

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