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How Authentic Storytelling Can Boost your Fundraising

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It’s no secret that the pandemic impacted fundraising for non-profits over the last couple of years—especially end-of-year fundraising.

Do Big Things CEO Henri Makembe sat down with the Digital Director of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation, Mitu Yilma,  to discuss the challenges and opportunities the end of the year poses to organizations, campaigns, and non-profits. 

Rather than approaching it as a competition for attention with other organizations, the end of the year creates a great opportunity to deepen the relationships your organization already has with the community you’ve helped to build. 

Tactics like list segmentation, targeted advertising, and layered communication can be utilized by your organization to strengthen awareness among your target audience and allow you to break through the noise. 

While standard practices may involve treating your email list like an ATM, it’s important to remember that authentic storytelling allows you to acknowledge the context in which your communities exist. 

By explaining how your fundraising helps to address the harms your community experiences, storytelling can be just as effective a fundraising tool as overly utilized scare tactics and exaggerated urgency.

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