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Introducing Henri Makembe, DBT’S New CEO

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We’re thrilled to welcome our new CEO Henri Makembe!

Henri is a seasoned public affairs professional and campaign strategist. As a former partner at Beekeeper Group and LPS Campaigns, he has used his expertise to guide a wide array of clients with their online communications strategies, focusing on websites, social media, and mobile technology.

As a first-generation immigrant, Henri is passionate and personally invested in digital advocacy and diversity in the digital space. He was named a “2013 Person To Watch” by PR News and has been featured on CNN and Campaigns and Elections.

In our third installment of Do Big Talks, Henri sits down with DBT’s Founder and Chair, Cheryl Contee to talk about digital engagement, reshaping our economy equitably, and how he plans on leading DBT to help create a better, brighter future.

“I am truly looking forward to being part of a team that not just leads the way, but creates the path forward for digital agencies. By standing by Do Big Things’ commitment to diversity, authenticity, passion, and justice, I’m ready to help guide our clients into a new era of digital engagement – one full of fresh ideas, bold strategy, and new victories.” Henri Makembe, Do Big Things CEO

Watch the full video above to learn more about Henri!

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