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Is your digital program optimized for mobilization?

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Mobilizing a digital audience is a challenge we’ve seen clients face for a long time now—but it’s important, now more than ever. As we transition to more in person events, it can be difficult to ensure you’re finding the right platforms to  hook your audience, keep them engaged, and convert them to on-the-ground activists. 

Alan Rosenblatt, a pioneer in the world of digital mobilization, joined DBT CEO, Henri Makembe, on the latest episode of Do Big Talks! They’re answering your pressing questions about how to use digital to mobilize your audience and create a program that works for you.

How can programs intertwine their digital and on-the-ground programs? How do organizations know what platforms to use to optimize their mobilization efforts? And does using digital to mobilize audiences actually work? We’re answering all of your questions and more.

Are you looking for some help with your mobilization efforts? Get in touch.

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