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Launched! 270 + Fission Team Up to Create Do Big Things

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That’s why, today, 270 Strategies and Fission Strategy have announced that they have teamed up to launch Do Big Things, a brand-new digital message and media strategy agency.
Here at DBT, we specialize in creating the honest, authentic content, ads, and products progressives need to effectively reach and engage audiences online. We know how to reach these audiences — because we are them. We are a women-owned and women-led company with people of color making up more than 50% of our staff.
Watch our video and get to know our team and why we do this work a little better:

Read Yahoo! News’ article “The Republicans are beating Democrats on Facebook, but by how much?” in which Do Big Things’ CEO Cheryl Contee speaks with Senior Political Correspondent Jon Ward.
Then, be sure to follow our social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn — and whenever you’re ready to Do Big Things with us, drop us a line.

More about us and some background for you:

Do Big Things will help progressive political campaigns, non-profits, foundations, and mission-driven companies build and execute winning digital programs that leverage more human-centered, authentic messaging, and harness cutting-edge technology and data analytics. The firm specializes in creative digital content (email, social media, graphic design, and video), digital advertising, digital fundraising, and digital products including websites and apps.
At a time when available technology and the free-flow of information are empowering people to make a difference in unprecedented ways, the progressive movement also finds itself at a crossroads. Conservatives are outspending their progressive counterparts online — by nearly 40% on Google and YouTube. Combating fake news has become a top priority for private sector and public sector organizations alike. Inboxes are filled with cookie-cutter messages that use fear and disingenuous threats to beat people down instead of inspiring them to take action. Corporations are outpacing campaigns and non-profits with digital innovation.
This is the time for the progressive movement to change the game. Do Big Things will confront these challenges head-on by creating content that inspires, and by using innovation — including new tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, and blockchain — to make a difference in the world.
“Do Big Things brings together Fission’s talented technologists, developers, and digital strategists with 270’s digital messaging, advertising, fundraising, and content specialists. Together, this team will help campaigns and organizations develop and execute top-notch digital messaging programs that utilize cutting-edge technologies and digital data analytics while reaching people through honest, intelligent, authentic ads and content,” said 270 Strategies CEO Meg Ansara. “We all know that digital can make the critical difference in the final weeks and days of campaigns, and we are fired up and ready to have a big impact in the 2018 midterms and beyond.”
Do Big Things works with many clients whose missions include equality for all. And behind the scenes, the firm is living those values as well. With an African-American woman CEO, a staff that is 50% people of color, and a majority minority technology development team, Do Big Things stands out from the crowd of political and digital consultants.
“At Do Big Things, we’ve built an agency that looks and lives like the people we want to reach,” said Cheryl Contee, CEO of Do Big Things. “Our majority women-led and women-owned team understands the connections between content, ads, and web technology. We know how to reach the audiences our clients care about – because we are them.”
DBT joins a family of organizations cultivated by the 270 Strategies team and experts within its network designed to provide holistic support for campaigns, causes, and companies. 270 Strategies will continue to provide first-in-class public engagement strategy, while its sister companies Higher Ground Labs expands its work incubating the next generation of political technology and Wildfire Contact provides direct mail and other platforms for voter contact.
We are a virtual company with team members located across the country in Washington, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. DBT is launching with more than 45 political campaign, nonprofit, foundation, and corporate clients already on its roster.]]>

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