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Powering Progress: A Look Back at Our 2023 Election Successes

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The 2023 election cycle brought forth a unique set of challenges, once again requiring a blend of creativity and innovation in the digital realm for progressive campaigns across the nation. Despite the complex dynamics of modern politics, our commitment to the fundamental principles of democracy, economic security, and personal freedom remained unwavering, resonating with voters and reinforcing the significance of this electoral chapter.

At DBT, we embarked on this journey with an abundance of zeal and ingenuity, collaborating with an array of clients, including advocacy organizations, candidates spanning all levels of government, and progressive action groups from coast to coast. The successes achieved in our partnerships serve as a testament to the power of dedicated teamwork and the impact of cutting-edge digital strategies.

These triumphs not only reflect the accomplishments of the past but also propel us forward, motivating our team to continually push the boundaries of an ever-evolving political and digital landscape. As we chart the course for the future, we remain committed to crafting fresh narratives and harnessing new technologies to address the emerging challenges that campaigns and initiatives of all stripes will inevitably face. Join us in celebrating a selection of these remarkable victories as we collectively shift our focus toward the upcoming 2024 electoral horizon.

Supporting our School Systems

Arben Istrefi – Loudoun County School Board

Arben Istrefi’s ascent to the Loudoun County School Board was a strategic partnership with Do Big Things, where our mailers played a pivotal role in amplifying his core values. Focused on student equity and diversity, the mail campaign visually emphasized Istrefi’s commitment to equitable access and outcomes. Central to our strategy was showcasing his belief in parental choice, deviating from traditional political influence and resonating authentically with voters. Through a digital symphony of Istrefi’s narrative, Do Big Things contributed to a campaign that not only secured victory but celebrated the essence of progressive education.

Camden Great Public Schools

Do Big Things took center stage in elevating the Education for Everyone team’s message through strategic digital marketing for Camden Great Public Schools. Navigating the challenges post-pandemic, our campaigns highlighted signs of progress and a commitment to universal access to excellent schools. Emphasizing a united slate, our digital efforts spotlighted the team’s dedication to accelerating learning recovery, holistic child development, parental empowerment, and transparent communication. Our inclusive approach extended to crafting ads in both Spanish and English, ensuring a broader and more resonant reach within the diverse Camden community. Casting the Education for Everyone team as proven leaders, Do Big Things played a pivotal role in conveying their vision for transformative change in Camden schools, celebrating a triumph that echoes our commitment to equitable education.

Progressive Values in Thurston County, WA

Wayne Fournier – Thurston County Commissioner

In the campaign for Thurston County Commissioner, Do Big Things played a climactic role in securing victory for Wayne Fournier through a meticulously designed mailer. Our strategic approach leaned on a factual presentation, employing extensive text to convey information clearly. Anchoring our campaign in Thurston County’s Democratic values, we crafted a compelling message that resonated with the community and highlighted the shortcomings of Fournier’s opponent. The mailer served not only as a communication tool but as a strategic instrument, contributing significantly to Fournier’s success in a race that showcased our commitment to nuanced and effective political messaging.

Thurston Public Safety – Measure One

In championing Thurston Public Safety’s Proposition 1, Do Big Things took a visionary approach with targeted direct mailers. Our strategy went beyond the numbers, focusing on the values inherent in the proposition, which sought to authorize crucial funding for public safety through a modest increase in sales and use tax. The mailers artfully communicated the tangible outcomes—increased mental health crisis responders, fortified election security, and overall enhanced public safety. By anchoring our messaging in the shared values of the Thurston community, we conveyed that investing in Proposition 1 was an investment in the very essence that makes Thurston County an exceptional place to live. The outcome-centric perspective resonated with voters, emphasizing that by passing this measure, we collectively contribute to a stronger, safer community, ensuring Thurston remains a beacon of safety and prosperity.

Helping Outstanding Democratic Candidates Launch Their Ascent into Higher Offices

Loudoun Democrats

Do Big Things played a key role in the triumphant campaign of Loudoun Democrats, providing comprehensive support for dozens of Democratic candidates at various levels of office. Our strategic expertise extended to both direct mail and SMS outreach, fostering a cohesive and impactful Democratic message. By emphasizing key issue areas—particularly gun safety and abortion access—we tailored our outreach to resonate with values that drive Democrats. The result was not just a collection of individual victories but a unified success story, as our overarching support contributed to increased turnout and the election of Democratic candidates across the diverse political landscape from the State Senate and School Board, to the House of Delegates and the Board of Supervisors. Do Big Things stood as the driving force behind Loudoun Democrats, ensuring that their collective vision translated into a resounding success at the polls.

Vote Pro-Choice PAC

In our work with Vote Pro-Choice PAC, Do Big Things took on the crucial task of amplifying pro-choice messages to five districts in Virginia through CTV/OTT and pre-roll video ads, garnering over a million impressions. In a political landscape where values matter, Do Big Things contributed significantly to ensuring that progressive ideals took center stage by amplifying the voice of choice. By strategically leveraging digital platforms, we not only delivered a massive outreach but also played a key role in the broader narrative of electing candidates who champion reproductive rights. Do Big Things stands as a driving force, advancing the cause of pro-choice advocacy and supporting candidates who embody the progressive values that matter to voters.

Roswell PAC

Do Big Things crafted a winning narrative for Roswell PAC’s city council candidates through values-centric direct mail. The mailers, centered on heartwarming themes such as children and community, created an emotional connection with voters. In a city as diverse as Roswell, we capitalized on the richness of this diversity, highlighting it as a core value. By emphasizing shared values such as health, safety, and diversity, Do Big Things contributed to a narrative that transcended political divides and resonated deeply with the community. Do Big Things stood as a key architect in the campaign’s success, showcasing how a values-centric approach can elevate candidates and foster genuine connections with voters.

Commonwealth Communications

In collaboration with Commonwealth Communications, Do Big Things embarked on a mission to supercharge voter engagement in Pennsylvania. Our multifaceted approach—incorporating social, display, and video ads—aimed to elevate voter turnout, with a particular focus on college students. Recognizing the pivotal role that every vote plays in shaping a progressive future, we strategically targeted platforms to get over 15 million impressions. Do Big Things stood as a catalyst, not only in reaching millions but in fostering a collective commitment to the democratic process, underscoring the importance of every voice in the pursuit of a more inclusive and progressive Pennsylvania.

Empowering Progress: Reflecting on Successes and Shaping the Future

In reflection, the 2023 election cycle unveiled a tapestry of challenges, prompting a fusion of creativity and innovation in the digital realm for progressive campaigns nationwide. Our unwavering commitment to democratic principles and a secure, liberated society echoed through the complexities of modern politics, resonating with voters and underscoring the significance of this electoral chapter. At Do Big Things, our journey unfolded with enthusiasm and ingenuity, collaborating with diverse clients, from advocacy organizations to candidates at every level of government. These triumphs are not just markers of past achievements; they propel us forward, inspiring our team to keep pushing the boundaries of the ever-evolving political and digital landscape. As we shift our focus toward the upcoming 2024 electoral horizon, we invite you to celebrate a selection of these remarkable victories, illustrating the transformative impact of dedicated teamwork and cutting-edge digital strategies.

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