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We Need to #ProtectTransKids

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Here at DBT, we’re holding space for everyone who’s feeling hammered by the news lately. The headlines have not been easy to absorb, whether it’s the news from Ukraine (including the news that Black and Indian immigrants and students have been derailed while trying to evacuate), or the latest news from within our borders — specifically, news of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation passing in several states.

To Our Trans Siblings: You Are Not Alone
You Are Not Alone via Unsplash

It’s sickening that in 2022, we’re seeing events unfold like what we’re seeing in Texas, or the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that just passed in Florida. Initiatives like these are advancing in over a dozen other states, including a newly-introduced bill in Georgia this month.

We’ve compiled a few of the resources we use to help you join the fight for transgender lives. 

Support the fight for Trans lives:

Let’s call this what it is: desperate political posturing and scapegoating by conservative politicians who can’t win over voters on policies with real substance. They’ve got nothing — so they resort to horrifying, hateful bills like these to rile up their base. And whether or not you or someone you care about identifies as LGBTQIA+, these trends concern every single one of us who believe in safety, dignity and equality for all.

Here at DBT, we’re firm in our support for all who are affected, who know someone who is affected, or who are simply sick at heart watching the news unfold. While we continue to work to elect progressive leaders, we also want to uplift the following organizations and their calls to action — with a particular mention of trans youth, who are facing the greatest threats from these laws.

Join us in donating to organizations fighting for transgender lives:

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