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Abigail Ahoude

Research Analyst

Abigail has been a strategist for over 4 years, driving much of the research and discovery work on strategy and web design projects. Her focus is on helping clients understand their audiences, members, and donors through qualitative linguistic data in order to lay a strong foundation for campaign strategy and implementation that produces compelling content and super engaged supporters. She has interviewed and surveyed dozens of members and stakeholders from some of the most innovative nonprofits and foundations. As a result she believes that campaigns that hone in on the passions and linguistic expressions of their supporters is the key to successful movement building and long-term change making. Abigail studied cultural linguistics at The George Washington University and when she’s not working, she likes to nerd out and read books & articles about this subject in her free time.

Abigail Ahoude is a strategic partner of Do Big Things.

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