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Cassie Tangney

Senior Vice President, Design

At Do Big Things, Cassie is an advocate for the intersection of design and humanity, and is most curious about where empathy and growth meet. She specializes in building integrated creative solutions and focusing on empowering clients through smart strategy and impactful design. Cassie came to Do Big Things from a digital agency where she honed her skills working with several issue campaigns, national advocacy groups and candidates, including Priorities USA, the ACLU, NARAL, and the gubernatorial campaigns of Tom Wolf and Phil Murphy.

Cassie holds a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in graphic design and public relations from Monmouth College. She originally hails from a small town in Illinois but today calls Des Moines, Iowa her home. In her free time she’s probably screenprinting tees, exploring new ideas about equality, design theory and personal growth, diving into a new book, or helping her wife with their flower farm and beloved flower truck.

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