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Danny Weiner

Senior Strategist, Digital Strategy

Danny Weiner is a Digital Technology Strategist at Do Big Things. He helps clients realize their evolving goals through innovative digital strategy, with a focus on email production and reporting. In an increasingly connected society, he believes that digital tools & partnerships are some of the most effective ways of meeting people where they are and empowering them to organize lasting change in their own communities.

Prior to joining DBT, Danny spent several years balancing professional obligations in the private sector and political volunteering commitments before changing his career path to fully reflect his progressive values. He is truly grateful for the opportunity to do meaningful work alongside the wonderful DBT team, especially on issues of voter engagement, combatting disinformation, and democracy reform!

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Danny graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and now lives in Seattle, Washington, which is not at all confusing for anyone. Outside of work, he can be found playing with his family’s dogs (Perry, Andy, & Marvin) and crossing things off of lists: National Parks to explore, nerdy movies & TV shows to overanalyze, dessert recipes to bake for friends, and/or library books to only read half of before realizing the due date is already tomorrow.

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