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Erica Friedmann

Executive Assistant

Erica is an Executive Assistant at Do Big Things. As an integral member of the Operations team, Erica enjoys wearing many hats and engaging in multiple facets of the business ranging from process improvement to human resources and event planning. She is passionate about cultivating a strong company culture, streamlining processes, and ensuring the smooth flow of day-to-day operations.

Erica holds a B.S. in Business, Music Industry Management, and her background in the music industry has equipped her with a creative approach to everything she does. She spent a few years living in Nashville, where she dabbled in music rights administration, helped launch and run a coworking space, and provided operations and client support at an entrepreneurial consulting company.

After moving back to Chicago in 2018, Erica worked in executive support at a local real estate firm and then found her way to the dream team at Do Big Things. She loves taking the term “rockstar EA” to its fullest potential and is thrilled to be part of the mission-driven team at DBT. In her spare time, Erica can be found curating her record collection, preserving the alternative subculture dances of the ‘50s and ‘60s, or trying out the newest plant-based restaurant in Chicago.

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