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Ian Brady

Account Executive

Ian Brady (he/him) is an Account Executive based in Berkeley, CA. Following the completion of his degree in Mass Communication at Point Park University, in his home state of Pennsylvania, Ian’s work in organizing began with NextGen America. While at NextGen, Ian began to serve on the Executive Council of the Campaign Workers Guild where he organized and represented workers on various campaigns throughout the 2020 election cycle and into the early stages of 2022. Additionally, Ian worked as a Digital Organizing Strategist for a DC based firm where he worked to develop and execute the social media organizing strategy of various campaigns and advocacy organizations. Most recently, Ian was a Social Media Organizer for Concerted Action, a digital consulting firm that served unions and other economic justice clients.

In his free time, Ian enjoys things like hiking, running, acting, and dogs. He’s a huge fan of all things Queer History and Queer Activism centered. Most importantly, he plays Wordle every morning to practice for the viciously competitive Words with Friends Games he’s playing with his mom at any given time.

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