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Kim Hohman

Vice President, Digital Strategy

Kim comes to the Do Big Things team with two decades of digital strategy experience in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Her intuition-inspired, analytics-driven, authenticity-first approach to digital strategy was honed in her previous roles at Nickelodeon, Upworthy, and Accelerate Change, where she supported a network of progressive nonprofit organizations on content and new platform development, using lean experimentation to identify the most successful engagement-to-action strategies for growth, sustainability, and political impact.

Kim is a Terp for life, having earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Maryland at College Park. When she’s not thinking about how people use digital and social media, Kim is an overly ambitious cook—routinely attempting complicated menus for the first time just before dinner guests arrive. She is also an aspiring gardener—trying to make things grow at 8,250 feet in the Rocky Mountains, where she shares a home with her high school sweetheart and a state with her two adult sons.

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