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Matti Miranda

Senior Director, Digital Advertising

Matti Miranda is a digital strategist with over 10 years in strategy, digital, and communications.

Matti has extensive client facing experience, strategic planning experience, and technical expertise, which she uses to ensure that her clients reach their program goals. Matti has worked with clients on email campaigns and digital ads to meet fundraising, acquisition, and fundraising benchmarks. As a digital strategist, Matti developed and implemented digital fundraising strategies for more than 20 U.S. House Congressional candidates, as well as nonprofits and statewide races. She is passionate about advancing progressive people and causes and thrives in environments where she can be creative. She greatly values forming and maintaining relationships with her clients and teammates.

Matti has extensive project management experience as one of the founding members of the nation’s largest organizations for training the next generation of political entrepreneurs.

Before entering the world of politics Matti was a Scientist and Project Manager at one of the world’s leading electron microscopy companies.

Matti is based in Washington D.C. with her puppy, Savior, and is a mix of beach bum, city gal, and total nerd.

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