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Meg Ansara

Board Member

Meg Ansara grew up in a family of organizers and teachers. Today she serves as CEO and a Founding Partner at 270 Strategies, a progressive public engagement firm that helps organizations build winning campaigns and engage everyday people in their work. Previously, Meg served as the Battleground States Director for Hillary for America and National Regional Director for the 2012 Obama for America campaign, where she oversaw the grassroots and public engagement programs in the Midwest and southern states. She’s worked with political campaigns and party committees at the national and local level to provide strategic guidance and best practices. She also serves as an advisor to a number of foundations, advocacy and direct service organizations committed to improving public schools and ensuring all children have the opportunity to succeed in college and in life. Meg is a Boston native and graduate of Oberlin College, where she earned a BA in History and African Studies.

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