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Meg Brett

Senior Writer

Meg helps Do Big Things clients connect effectively and authentically with their audiences across a variety of digital platforms—a skill honed at Organizing for Action, where she ran the @BarackObama social accounts while successfully never starting a war via Twitter. She also managed the email program on Governor Pat Quinn’s 2014 re-election in Illinois, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Quinn’s campaign.

Most recently, Meg was a social media manager at Onion, Inc. for The A.V. Club and The Takeout, specializing in social strategy and marketing for all things pop-culture and food related. If you’re ever in need of a Boy Meets World or Harry Potter reference, or want to test out some fried-chicken-infused vodka, she’s your girl. She also had the honor of awkwardly standing next to Sir Patrick Stewart for a photo op at Onion, Inc once. The man never takes a bad photo.

When not writing, tweeting, or posting Instagram stories, Meg can be found petting strangers’ dogs or getting drinks with friends on a Chicago patio.

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