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Saron Olkaba

Senior Vice President, Digital Advertising

Saron is the Senior Vice President of Advertising at Do Big Things. An experienced digital practitioner, Saron has managed high-impact campaigns for some of the largest electoral campaigns, causes, and companies in the United States. Prior to joining Do Big Things, Saron was a partner at Break Something Inc. where she developed and lead the company’s advertising practice.

Born in Addis, Ababa Ethiopia and raised just outside of Washington, DC in Fairfax, VA, Saron’s upbringing around the corner from the nation’s capital during the information age sparked a curiosity about how individuals, organizations, and candidates can leverage the internet to create big change. Driven by this curiosity, Saron has created and executed innovative acquisition, persuasion, and GOTV campaigns for clients including Senators Bernie Sanders and Chris Murphy, Governors like Gina Raimondo, and organizations that include Black PAC, Medicare for All Now, and many more.

Saron has also used this skill-set to develop and employ large-scale digital campaigns for companies like Procter & Gamble, Comcast, and VantageScore. In the private sector, Saron’s expertise is raising brand awareness, customer acquisition, and improving corporate reputation.

Still, nothing beats winning elections.

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