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Overturning #RoevWade isn’t only about abortion. It’s an attack on the self-sovereignty of women. It erodes the respect for and legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Throwing aside longstanding precedent that empowers women to make decisions about the course of their own lives is wrong. 

1 in 4 women in the US have had an abortion, so this impacts every American. No state infringing upon the right of a woman’s privacy with her doctor seems interested in helping those women who are subjected to forced pregnancy – As GOP-led state legislatures have rushed to pass laws limiting abortion access, it is clear they are uninterested in helping those pregnant people who will be forced to carry their pregnancies to term. For those who claim to be pro-life: where are the increased social services such as healthcare, housing, food and childcare to support these children? To imply that all a woman need do is drop an unwanted baby off at a fire station or police precinct obviates the very real danger to many women (and girls!) that pregnancy represents. Are we prepared as a society to return to a time where a 12 year old girl who has been raped by a male relative is forced to give birth? Should a college student have no choice but to abandon her education rather than delay motherhood until she is emotionally and financially prepared? 

But this isn’t just about abortion access. We know there are those who see this as only the opening salvo in an assault on basic human rights. We know that the far right wants to drag America into a dark world in which communities of color, LGBTQ+ people, those who are under 30 and those who are women have their rights severely curtailed in favor of a fascist, racist patriarchy where church and state are one and the same . We are on a path in which the United States becomes less united and more conflicted with vastly varied laws across state lines. 

At Do Big Things, we stand for equality. Our diverse team works together to promote and protect the ideals on which our nation was founded, even if we still fall short of those lofty goals. We believe that the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must be extended to all. 

We will not give up. We will never surrender and we hope that you will join us in fighting for our Constitutional rights and a judiciary that adheres to its principles. In the immediate future, the upcoming midterm elections can be a turning point that rejects those who seek to take away Americans’ civil rights and human liberties. Let’s go.

DBT is donating to the National Network of Abortion Funds and encourage you to join us in supporting a direct aid or reproductive rights organization. (NNAF has a list of state-based funds if you’re looking for an organization to support that serves your community).

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