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Thought Leadership In the Pandemic: Fall Recap

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This fall, DBT has had the opportunity to help pivot well-known in person conferences into compelling virtual spaces. These past few months, I was invited to speak at some of the most exciting and innovative tech conferences. While 2020 will certainly not mark the end of the era of online-only conferences, I’m happy to report that the incredibly dedicated and creative work of these conference organizers made me feel as if we were all together in person once more. It is more important than ever for those focused on impact and social innovation to connect, collaborate and communicate for a better tomorrow for all. 

Here are a few highlights: 


We “kicked” off this fall with the 2020 Ascent Virtual Conference, a two day tech conference (with the coolest swag, might I add) where I spoke to fellow entrepreneurs and investors about the lifecycle of a startup. These are some cool socks they sent me to help encourage folks to join. 

Ascent takes the award for best speaker swag

In my session, I discussed my journey through the startup cycle here at Do Big Things as detailed in my book Mechanical Bull: How You Can Achieve Startup Success and provided some insight I’ve gained along the way. Q&A was lively, especially from those considering impact startups! Check out the Ascent website for the full recording, which will be available in a few weeks!


Immediately following our time at ASCENT, I joined Blackbaud and Influence|SG’s Managing Director, Derrick Feldmann for a BBCON 2020 panel on the changing of the social sector. In our session, I discussed how pivoting your messaging during times of crisis can make or break your org’s impact, broke down the concept of digital resilience and explained how relational organizing can build your organizational capacity in a world gone digital. Great crowd of nonprofit tech professionals from many different causes and campaigns with excellent questions! 

Screenshot from BBCON 2020

To view the full recording, visit the BBCON website, or view the full deck below:


Not only did Do Big Things have the honor of becoming official Everyaction preferred partners this fall, we also had the opportunity to join EveryAction’s General Manager of Digital, Mike Liddell, in a webinar on how to fundraise online effectively during these challenging times. 

Mike and I talk in-depth during this session on how your team can use digital tools you to their full advantage to bring supporters and donors into your fold, even as the world changes around us. To watch the full session, visit the EveryAction Website, or view the deck below: 

SOCAP 2020

We closed off the fall season with SOCAP Virtual by moderating the “Women’s Equity Salon” female founders breakout networking session. We were honored to lead this breakout session alongside special guests Kathleen Kelly Janus (Senior Advisor on Social Innovation for the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom), Surina Khan (CEO, Women’s Foundation of California – one of our clients!) and Jacqueline Adams (Author, “A Blessing: Women of Color Teaming Up to Lead, Empower and Thrive“). It was a rich conversation with women leaders and entrepreneurs on achieving success under difficult circumstances. 

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