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Top 3 (Trends) for 2024

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As the digital landscape continues its relentless evolution, one truth stands unwavering: The pursuit of progress demands not just adaptation but visionary navigation. Here at Do Big Things, we work as navigators, steering numerous clients through the dynamic shifts in the ever-expanding realm of progressive political campaigning. In a world where staying ahead is synonymous with making a difference, we’re committed to ensuring that the heartbeat of change resonates with steadfast strength. The winds of adaptation prompt us to explore the key trends shaping our journey in 2024 – check out our Top 3.

Trend 1: AI Is Changing Progressive Campaigning

In the symphony of progress, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role. There’s no question of the potential impact of AI on political campaigns in 2024 – both positive and negative. Yet it becomes evident that while technology reshapes strategy, the true power still resides in the hands of passionate individuals, particularly in battleground states around the country. AI provides the stage, but it is the people who compose the narrative. Our insights are delving deep into this synergy, acknowledging that as we work to harness this new technological wave, human touch and human community remain our most potent instruments for change we believe in.

Trend 2: TV is Dead – Long Live Connected TV (and digital ads) 

In a world where things are happening that have never happened before, we must as a movement do what we’ve never done before to meet the moment. We’re inspired by Priorities USA’s bold move to forego traditional television advertising for a robust digital strategy, we, too, embrace this paradigm shift. As the dynamics of media consumption evolve, our commitment deepens to help causes and campaigns navigate the changing terrain for wins. The digital transformation is not just a trend we acknowledge; it’s a reality we’re actively shaping in our with client partners, ensuring that the candidates and campaigns we work with resonate authentically in a multicultural, multilingual, highly segmented landscape where digital is the central battleground.

Trend 3:  The Rise of Gen Z Could Change Everything

We have been watching the remarkable surge of Generation Z voters aged 18 to 25 and strategizing on how we can electrify this critical new voter demographic. From constituting 0% in 2012 to a game-changing 9% in 2022, Generation Z is the fastest-growing segment of the electorate. This demographic shift is not only numerical but also deeply nuanced, with Generation Z emerging as the most racially diverse, encompassing 38% people of color. With 23% of Generation Z voters identifying as Hispanic, and Generation X leading in Black voters with 14%, understanding and effectively targeting these diverse segments becomes paramount. At Do Big Things, we don’t merely acknowledge this trend; we’re working hand-in-hand with our Gen Z team members and clients. We’re listening deeply to them and their peers online and we are crafting compelling narrative tailored to the platforms they prefer. We’ve found co-creating with young leaders expands more rapidly the opportunity to grow Gen Z communities ready for action in 2024.

As the curtains open on 2024, we step into a season once again pivotal for protecting democracy as we know it and the freedoms our families hold dear. I believe that there won’t just be an October Surprise in 2024 but a surprise every month! We’re thinking outside the box so that we can win as big as possible to push back on the forces that will pull us backward in time.

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