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Using Influencer Engagement Campaigns to Expand your Audience

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Do Big Things CEO Henri Makembe sat down with Nicole Rodgers, the Founder and Executive Director of Family Story—a think tank founded to recognize, validate, and protect how individuals form and re-form families.

In this Do Big Talks, Nicole talks with Henri about why working with TikTok made sense for their program and the challenges and upsides of working with TikTok influencers for the first time.

In partnership with Do Big Things, Family Story successfully engaged with influencers to generate authentic content that told a compelling story to a critical audience they hadn’t previously considered. They came to us to create videos that would convey poll-tested messaging and change the narrative around single moms. 

As Do Big Things and Family Story started working together, we realized that the plethora of polling messages and the required authenticity weren’t a natural fit for scripted videos—and made the pivot to working with influencers on TikTok to cover a wide range of messages in a compelling format for #SingleParentDay.

By approaching social media with an open mind and emphasizing social listening, Family Story pushed the boundary of what they thought was possible and exceeded their expectations. 

Check out the Family Story Case Study here.

In a rush? Be sure to check out the 8:12 mark, where Nicole discusses how they used TikTok to identify new audiences to engage with.

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