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What Justice and Winning Looks Like: 4 Tips for Effective Messaging

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To better engage the Rising American Electorate, we have four recommendations! Here we go:

1. Invest in digital experts.

Hire a Digital Director or Community Engagement manager. If you’re in the process hiring and need a hand in managing your digital communications until the right candidate comes along, talk with us.
If you want strong online presence, you’ll need a digital team with a keen understanding of social media networks, how people interact with them, and how to use them to make your organization heard in a sea of millions. This isn’t a post-and-go gig for an intern.

2. Commit to being fact checkers who fight misinformation with truth.

The truth is, there are a lot of lies spreading on the internet from every angle. Partisan politics and mudslinging have been worn out and confused. Be the voice of truth and reason — again, and again, again. Use the internet echochamber for truth and justice.

3. Reflect the people you want to reach.

LISTEN UP! This one is important. People will only respond to things they feel and see themselves reflected in. Organizational speak won’t work—it hasn’t for the last 10 years. If you want to reach millennials, show their faces in your ads and speak their language. #WeBuiltThis, a campaign I’ve helped lead, engages millennials of color in electoral politics through pop culture and art. Using fun and shareable memes is one of specialties and our audience loves it!

4. Influence with Influencers.

More than ever, people are looking to their peers and people they trust to share honest information. Build alliances with digital influencers—those with sizeable online audiences and credibility—who reach your audience and give them resources they can share. Micro-influencers (i.e. those with about 1k to 10k followers) can be more accessible and trusted within their communities.

You Love It and You Want Action

Each one of us are called to champions the truth and help move our country forward. It’s up to you to do that every single day—even from your laptop.

Shawn Bryant @Shawn__B is Director of Strategic Projects & Digital Storytelling at Do Big Things. ]]>

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