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Why Giving Tuesday 2020 Matters More Now Than Ever

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Giving Tuesday is a holiday that gives me hope for the future and for humankind. After the tumultuous nature of 2020, this Giving Tuesday is a particularly special one. With so many people in need of aid and with public awareness at an all time high, we’re expecting today to be a particularly rewarding day. 

Why is Giving Tuesday such an important day in the nonprofit world? As Kathleen Murphy, Director of Digital Strategy at stated, “GivingTuesday is the biggest day of the year by the number of donors on many giving platforms.” For our nonprofit clients at Do Big Things, helping them prepare, strategize and have access to the tools they need for Giving Tuesday is an imperative part of the work we do. A digital first approach to fundraising in these times is critical to success in attracting support for your mission. We’ve worked with many foundations successfully this year to help provide digital capacity building for grantees through coaching, training and workshops to help folks adapt to these challenging times.

I recently had the chance to sit with Chatfuel to discuss some of the ways in which our team has helped our nonprofit clients prepare to navigate fundraising today. Here is an excerpt from the article about the rising importance of relational organizing during these times:

Read here to learn more Giving Tuesday insights from me and other nonprofit leaders from around the country.

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