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“With Sorrow, We Dissent”

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It happened.

It happened in our lifetime.

Roe vs Wade has been overturned.

I’m angry. I’m saddened.

As one of our colleagues shared with me, “Even though I knew it was going to happen, it still feels like a gut punch.” If you cry today, can’t concentrate, or you’re just not 100% here, please know that it is an entirely rational response. Our grief and our empathy are also our superpowers.

When the decision first leaked Cheryl Contee, Chairperson here at DBT, said, “Overturning #RoevWade isn’t only about abortion. It’s an attack on the self-sovereignty of women. It erodes the respect for and legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Throwing aside long-standing precedent that empowers women to make decisions about the course of their own lives is wrong.” 

“With sorrow, we dissent.” wrote Justice Sotomayer, and we agree.

Everyone at DBT deeply believes in every person’s right to control their own bodies, and we will fight for those rights, today and tomorrow. I hope you will join in that fight.

At DBT, we work with candidates and organizations fighting to usher in the change we want to see in the world. They lift up the voices of those who are so often silenced. We are dedicated to supporting them; helping them to do it better, more authentically, and more meaningfully. But on a day like today, that’s a small consolation, but one that we must take solace and hope in. We’ll use it to power our courage and our grit to continue the fight — the fight for every human’s rights. 

So we will not give up. We will never surrender and we hope that you will join us in fighting for our Constitutional rights, and a judiciary that adheres to its principles.

DBT is donating to the National Network of Abortion Funds and encourages you to join us in supporting a direct aid or reproductive rights organization. NNAF maintains a list of state-based funds that you can find here if you’re looking for an organization to support that serves your community.

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